Reader Development Tarot Spread

This is a spread that I found on the Aecletic Tarot Spread Forum with a few of my own modifications. It gave me a very insightful reading when I used it and I wanted to share the spread with everyone in case any of you wanted to try it for yourself.

The purpose of this spread to is to help develop your reading skill by looking at different aspects of your tarot practice and seeing where you are strong, where you could improve, what will help you and what will get in your way. I would recommend not using this spread too frequently, maybe once a year or every six months. Tarot, like any spiritual practice, needs time for growth and progress to occur. You will get a clearer picture of how you are developing as a reader, if there is enough time between readings for that progress to be notable.

Here is the spread:

reader development tarot spread

This is what my reading looked like. If anyone uses this spread I would love to hear how you liked it and what your cards were.

IMG_20131109_195357 Position #1: Strengths as a Tarot Reader: Seven of Pentacles
Looks like my strength is the ability to assess and analyze situations. I felt like that was pretty exciting and also quite accurate. Being able to assess a querent’s needs, your own growth and progress or any number of things is really helpful and gives you a powerful tool to make decisions or plan the next course of action.

queen wands steampunk

Position #2: Weaknesses or Area that Needs Improvement: Queen of Wands
The things I was immediately struck with when I turned this card over was “impatience”. The Queen of Wands likes motion and action, especially the Queen in this deck, she can get downright cranky if she’s forced to wait on something or someone. I know I get pretty antsy myself if I don’t feel like I’m catching onto something quickly enough or my skills aren’t developing as fast as I would like, so the message here is I need to be more patient as I grow and enjoy the learning process and gaining the knowledge I am looking for, instead of fretting over the time its taking.

moon steampunk Position #3: How to Develop Your Skills as a Tarot Reader: The Moon
The Moon is typically a card that refers to a state of confusion, the subconscious, the shadow aspect of a thing or things being not what they seem, however, for me it speaks of all things mystical, mysterious, exotic and exciting. I think the message for me here is that I need to infuse my tarot work with the energy that I feel coming from The Moon. I need to cultivate the things that makes working with tarot mysterious and magical and exciting, like using candles, incense, rituals, prayers, mantras, incantation and such. Sounds like fun, can’t wait to get to it!!!

knight cups steampunk

Position #4: How to Deal with Blocks in Your Development or Readings: Knight of Cups
I believe that this Knight is telling me, if I get blocked (or even if I don’t), then I need to work on developing my intuition, listening to it and trusting it. Good advice for any tarot reader I would say.

tower steampunk Position #5: What to Avoid or What Will Block You Growth: The Tower
I remember turning this card over and thinking “Yes, unforeseen disasters are definitely to be avoided at all costs.” 🙂 In all seriousness though, I think what this card is warning me against is seeing potential disasters everywhere. As a novice tarot reader (and probably as a seasoned reader as well) there are a myriad of thing you could worry about. “What if I freeze up in a reading and don’t know what to say?” “What if I do a reading and its just completely wrong and inaccurate?” “What if I tell my mom I read tarot cards and she thinks I’m possessed by the devil?” (lol, my mom probably WOULD think that.) Catastrophic thinking can definitely block growth and since I do it quite frequently (“What if everyone hates this tarot spread and they all unsubscribe from my blog?” 🙂 ) I’m pretty sure the Tower is telling me to stop doing that.

hermit steampunk

Position #6: The Lesson You are Learning at this Stage in Your Tarot Practice: The Hermit
The Hermit is a card about taking time to turn inward and being introspective. I believe that through tarot I am learning about myself, who I am and my lesson is to trust in that self and my own inner wisdom.

8 cups steampunk Position #7: The Outcome of Your Work with Tarot and Your Development as a Reader: The Eight of Cups
The Eight of cups talks about leaving things behind that are no longer a positive influence in your life, even if its hard or painful, even if you’ve invested a lot of time and energy into those things. It seems as a result of my tarot work, I will be able to walk away from the things in my life that are tying me down and holding me back, perhaps freeing me to move forward into a new, better chapter in my life.

Well there you have it folks. I hope you guys enjoyed the spread. I had such a wonderful, exciting reading with it, I can’t wait to see how others like it.

Sweet Dreams and Goodnight Y’all

11 thoughts on “Reader Development Tarot Spread

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  2. Wow! this is really an impressive spread! Just what I needed since I´ve decided to deepen my tarot journey.. I got very interesting cards too:
    1. moon ( I think my connection through tarot works very well thanks to my intuition, as well as my intuitive abilities grow through tarot reading)
    2. two swords (I tend to get stucked, sort of frozen into trapped emotions and sometimes confused if I am not aligned with my intuition)
    3. the fool (I think I need to take some new paths in my development.. to experiment more.. – maybe new decks or spreads, I recently got interested in learning dowsing)
    4. the stars (reversed) – (Fascinating! blocks in my reading corrispond very well with blocks in my life! I need to let the healing energy flow and TRUST that everything happening in this life journey is a good chance for learning growing and finally healing).
    5. six of swords (I have to accept transition and move on on things and situations that are stagnant, I shouldn´t dwell in negativity and loneliness)
    6. the world (this is my lesson: tarots play a great role in my development travel through this life time 🙂 – I see a major Arcana in this position might mean that this is a karmic bound.. something we learned in some past life and bring with us…)
    7. two wands (tarots are for me a way to discover more and accomplish my life purpose.. to keep the focus and perseverance in expanding my horizon of the world 😉 I think it might also mean that through tarot I will get in touch with important people in my life). Wow that was intense!! 🙂 Hope to hear your insight 😉 ***love and light***


  3. Hi Marta,
    I’m really glad that you enjoyed the spread. You had some really exciting cards turn up too and all your interpretations made great sense to me. I love The Fool card as How to Develop Your Skills. Trying new things and experimenting with different approaches to tarot is one of the really fun aspects of studying the cards, keeps it fresh and interesting. I have such a short attention span I have to change things up frequently or I get bored. 🙂 Have a great week.


  4. I love this! I recently just started using tarot cards for personal reason, and hoping to expand my readings eventually.
    This spread would be perfect to see just how much I’ve progressed and gained in experience using my first deck. <333 Thank you for this, and I shall be back with my first result another time. ;D


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