Single Question Tarot Exercise

As a follow up to the Single Card Tarot Exercise that I posted earlier in the week, I have the Single Question Tarot Exercise for you guys today. I was all about tarot exercises this week. 🙂

universal rider waite deck

So for this exercise we are essentially doing the opposite of what we did for the Single Tarot Card Exercise. Instead of coming up with several different questions and using one card to answer them all, we are going to select one question and use several different cards to answer it. Shall we begin?

Just as a reminder, this is only an exercise, not a reading.

First off decide what question you want to use. I used the question “How can I Improve my Relationship?” from the exercise I posted on Thursday. Once you have chosen your question, shuffle your cards. As I was shuffling I stated my intention, that I wanted to receive cards that would give me the best practice possible. Once your cards are shuffled select one. Use that card to answer the question you chose. Challenge yourself to see how many layers of meaning you can get out of that single card. When you are tuned in to your intuition its amazing how much information you can get from just one little tarot card. Next, set your first card aside and select another one. Use that second card to answer the same question. Repeat this process as many times as you like, but don’t rush through it. Take time with each card to see how much depth of meaning you can find.

Here is what the exercise looked like when I did it. I selected five different cards and the first card I received was…

Card #1: The Hanged Man:
My guess is right now you feel stuck, like your hands are tied and no amount of struggling will help. So stop struggling. See what you notice when you hang quietly and observe the situation. The solution will come to you.

Card #2: Four of Swords:
Rest your mind. Take a break from all those thoughts that are telling you that something is wrong. Make some time for yourself, to focus on yourself. You will be amazed how self care and becoming a healthier individual creates an environment where a healthy relationship can grow and become strong.

Card #3: Five of Swords:
Things may be too competitive in your relationship right now. You are putting yourselves in a position where there can only be one winner, which means someone loses and in a partnership if one person loses both people are losing something. I’m guessing there has been a lot of arguments and verbal sparring. Time to set aside the blaming and winner-takes-all attitudes and focus on a course of resolution that isn’t polarizing. Set the egos aside and come together humbly with the intention of finding a real solution which will support both your needs and the needs of you as a cohesive unit.

Card #4: Six of Wands:
I’m getting a sense that one of you has achieved something recently and is currently receiving a lot of accolades and attention because of it. Unfortunately that may leave the other person in the relationship feeling ignored or left out. The best thing to do in this case is t open a dialogue about it, find a way to celebrate this milestone together. Make sure that appreciation for the supporting partner is expressed. Make some time to reconnect.

Card #5: Strength:The time may have come to get to know eachother on a deeper level. Go below the surface. It takes a great deal of courage to let someone else see your shadow and your scars, but the bond will grow stronger and the connection will be deeper if you do.

One thing I noticed with this exercise was that by the third and fourth card the interpretations came very easily, I got tapped into my intuition and was really on a roll. Did any of you experience that? I hope you did, it was very empowering. 🙂

PS~ For a little change of pace next week I’m going to be doing a single card tarot reading every morning (starting with Monday and going through Sunday) and posting it here at The Tarot Parlor. I’m excited. 😀

2 thoughts on “Single Question Tarot Exercise

  1. Dear Cameron,

    I love your blog so much! The way you write, the subjects you choose, your angle, your interpretations, it’s all flawless. Thank you so much for writing this blog! Thanks to you, I’ve also discovered the Antiquarian Tarot – and I’ve just bought it yesterday! Maree was so lovely in her email back to me!
    Seriously though, I hope you won’t stop writing (no pressure, hahaha!)
    Yours Sincerely in fandom,


    • Greetings Nirmala,
      Thank you muchly for the comment. 🙂 It’s super rewarding to hear that people are enjoying the blog. I definitely intend to keep writing it. 🙂
      PS ~ I’m excited to hear that you picked up a copy of the Antiquarian Tarot. It’s one of my favorites. Isn’t Maree wonderful. I just love her.


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