Single Card Tarot Reading – Monday Nov 18, 2013.

Goodmorning All,
This week I will be posting a single card tarot reading every morning. I’m excited because I’ve been wanting a chance to do more readings, so let’s get started.

two swords steampunk  Today I used the Steampunk Tarot Deck by Barabara Moore and Aly Fell and the card I drew was the Two of Swords.

So today seems to be fraught with indecision and an unwillingness to move forward. It is easy to find excuses to remain stuck in place, especially if your mind is crowded with fearful thoughts and you don’t feel like you are seeing things clearly. You won’t be able to progress until you address those fears and confusions. Time to look at whatever you have been trying so hard to ignore. The only thing holding you back is yourself.

I hope you find this reading helpful as you go about your day. I’ll have another reading posted tomorrow morning.

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