Single Card Tarot Reading – November 20, 2013.

Hello Everyone,

This morning when I selected the tarot card for this reading, I asked for guidance about how to bring positive things into our lives today. I chose to use The Collective Tarot , which was my first deck, so its quite special to me. I like to use it when I am looking for a particularly empowering or uplifting reading.

IMG_20131120_084710The card that the Collective Tarot gave me was the Ace of Feathers (Feathers correspond to the element of air and would be swords in a Rider-Waite-Smith style deck.) In the Ace of Feathers we have the power of communication and this card encourages us to use that power to create positive change and to draw positive energies to us. This can mean communicating your needs to a partner, sitting down and talking through a conflict, reaching out to a person or community that you’ve been wanting to be a part of, or even stating your intention to the universe. The Ace encourages us to approach these communications with clarity and precision. No need to beat around the bush, just say what you need to say, or ask what you need to ask and trust that your directness will be understood and appreciated.

I can’t help but notice that we’ve had three air (swords) cards since Monday. Is anyone else feeling particularly mental this week or dealing with a lot of communication or miscommunication issues? See, this is the type of weeks-worth of readings I would have expected to show up during the Mercury retrograde, lol.

Until tomorrow…

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