Single Card Tarot Reading – November 21, 2013.

For today’s tarot reading I used the Deviant Moon Tarot again, but this time I used my trimmed copy. You will notice the border is missing if you compare today’s card to the Eight of Swords from Tuesday. (I have a post about trimming your deck on the agenda, but it will probably not be up for a month or two.) I keep and use both decks because I like it both with and without the borders. Also, the trimmed Deviant Moon is the only deck I use if I’m reading for reversals. I don’t have an exact reason for this beyond it “feels right”. And today we do in fact have a reversed card…

page wands reversed deviant moonΒ  …Its the Page of Wands. The Page of Wands upright is a person who is full of enthusiasm and spontaneity. They are adventurous, playful and full of Joie De Vivre (Joy of Life). The also have a fresh perspective and come up with creative ways of doing things. Here we see our Page using stilts to get across this pond, ingenuity at work.

However, since the Page is reversed, we are asked to ponder his less desirable traits, in his shadow aspect the Page of Wands’ adventurousness and spontaneity becomes reckless. He is willful, stubborn and immature. You may see him throwing a temper tantrum if he doesn’t get his way. He can use his charisma to be manipulative and at his worst may represent a bully.

Watch out for these energies today, whether you see them coming up in yourself or in others. Since these energies are immature this person will not be reasoned with or understand why their behavior is inappropriate. Don’t feed the beast with arguing, best to just ignore them if you can. If you notice these traits coming up in yourself it may be a good idea to meditate on why you feel compelled to behave in such a way. What do you get out of this type of behavior? Is there a need getting filled when you act this way that you could fill in a healthier manner?

I hope everyone is having a great day. I will be back tomorrow with another single card tarot reading and I’m hoping to get another tarot spread posted soon, so stand by for that.

Best Wishes

2 thoughts on “Single Card Tarot Reading – November 21, 2013.

  1. Hi, I’ve just found your blog. You are the second one who is pointing out the possibilities of reversed cards.
    Nice reading, I am not a fan of the Deviant Tarot though πŸ™‚


    • Hi Ellen,
      Welcome to the Tarot Parlor. I hope you enjoyed exploring the blog, I’m planning to get a bit more content uploaded over the next couple months. The Deviant Moon Tarot is definitely not for everyone, it is quite dark and warped, glad you enjoyed the reading anyway. πŸ™‚


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