Small Cross Tarot Spread

Recently I have begun to do a lot of work with this six card spread and Its been hugely insightful for me. I love that it gives me a good level of detail, but isn’t terribly complicated or overwhelming and I feel like the shape provides visual cues to spark my intuition.

Here is the spread:

small cross spread

Here is a sample reading I did with this spread and how I interpreted each position and the reading as a whole.

small cross sample  The Knight of Pentacles as the situation, represents a very slow moving progress or even a standstill. The thing that appears to be hindering that progress is a fear of failure or concern that something may go disastrously wrong, represented by the Tower. The root of that fear seems to lay with a person of authority, seen in the Emperor, perhaps a father or father figure. In the past it looks like you used to take swift, decisive action, denoted by the Eight of Wands, but perhaps you  acted too quickly for this person’s liking and you found yourself criticized or berated for it, if and when things didn’t turn out well. Taking this  criticism to heart has caused you to go to the other extreme where there is hardly any movement at all. As things are, the future looks like it will be one massive balancing act according to the Two of Pentacles, and you may find yourself trying to tailor your decisions to meet other’s expectations and other’s approval. Its one very dissatisfying juggling act and your emotional needs may get completely ignored in the process. Instead, the Two of Cups urges you to follow your heart and your intuition, to move towards things which fulfill your emotional needs, to find the perfect fit for you, because if it fits you, it doesn’t matter what anyone else believes about it. If you can trust in that then you will find what your heart is looking for.

I hope everyone enjoys the spread. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave me a massage. I would love to know what you think.

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