Deck-a-Week Challenge: Week 2 – Legacy of the Divine

Greetings Tarot Family,

For the second week of my deck challenge I used the Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Circo Marchetti. For an explanation of the deck challenge click here.

legacy of the divine

Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Circo Marchetti

I actually worked with this deck for two weeks, so I guess technically its week 2 & 3. I ended up doing a bit of traveling week-before-last, and as a result I didn’t spend as much time with this deck as I would have liked, so an extra week seemed in order.

Since the Legacy of the Divine comes with a full sized guidebook, I spent a bit of time looking through the cards as I read through the guidebook. I like to see how the descriptions of the images gel with the visual impressions that I get from the cards. I find this method of study helpful, especially if the guidebook discusses the symbology that is unique to that particular deck.

In the Legacy of the Divine guidebook there is commentary about each card provided by several tarot readers as well as the artist, so you get a lot of different impressions to measure against your own intuitive understanding of the art. Sometimes it did get a bit overwhelming though and I definitely put down the book and just enjoyed the imagery on a couple occasions.

Legacy of the Divine Guidebook & Card Backs

I also used this deck in my personal daily draws and I tried it for one client reading, but generally I didn’t feel drawn to use it in my readings for others, so I didn’t after that.

My intuitive sense of this deck is that it just isn’t the right time for me to be working with it. It didn’t speak to me as much as I expected and I didn’t feel like I wanted to open up to it. In terms of the art, its not my favorite deck, there are some inconsistencies that I find very disruptive and one or two cards I just don’t like and that seemed to be enough to kind of shut down my willingness and ability to connect.

I’m trying to decide whether I want to re-gift or trade this deck since its not working for me, or perhaps I should set it aside and try again later.

Have you ever owned a deck that you just couldn’t connect with?

Were you able to connect with it later?

What did you do with it if you could not?

Next week I’ll be working with the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza. I’m looking forward to spending time with this deck immensely. I already know that I love it, I just haven’t used it much and want to see if I can gain a deeper connection with the cards.

Blessings All

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