Going Back to the Beginning

Well Met Tarot Lover!

Even though I’ve been working with tarot for awhile now, I find it invaluable to take time every so often to become a tarot student again.

Some study material!

Some study material!

Learning about tarot is an ongoing process that readers are involved in every time they work with the cards, but going back to the beginning, pulling out the books and the journals and setting aside time to intentionally get back to the basics of tarot, strengthens and solidifies my foundation. I think that is really important.

Right now I’m blessed to have a couple weeks free, so I’ve had the opportunity to take some time to dedicate to tarot study. I’ve found it really helpful to reconnect with the excitement of learning and the sense of possibility that comes from that mindset.

When I make time for tarot study I find that I get fresh insights, I’m reminded of keywords or concepts that I’ve forgotten because of my fallible human memory. It also helps me continue to build my own associations and understanding of the cards.

Studying tarot is also particularly helpful with balancing out my relationship with the deck. When you’re doing readings, you see certain cards more than others and some cards never show up. Because of this you create a stronger connection with certain cards and some cards you lose touch with. By deliberately studying individual cards you can work with those cards that you don’t see often and strengthen your understanding of them. Additionally, when it comes to cards that you see a lot or have a strong connection with, you can challenge yourself to get beyond the obvious meaning and explore the card more deeply.

In a nutshell, I don’t think you’re ever too experienced to benefit from spending time on tarot study. πŸ™‚

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