Some Tarot Tough Love

Its hard getting called out, but sometimes that’s exactly what we need, and tarot has an uncanny ability to call us on our BS.

When the tarot tells us we’re being self defeating or we’re responsible for the situations we find ourselves in, its not passing judgement on us or saying we’re bad people, its asking us to be brave by being honest with ourselves. Its asking us to shoulder the responsibility for our experience and stop letting everything and everyone else dictate that experience.

The card that’s been dishing-out tough love for me this week is the Four of Cups. This is what it said:

4 of Cups URWS“Its easy to sit and bemoan your circumstances. Its easy to blame your negative feelings on external things. Its easy to let the process of mourning turn into a non-stop pity party. Its easy to use past wrongs as an excuse to wallow. Its easy to just stew in your misery and stay stagnant. If you want to do that, that’s fine, but you will miss out on everything. You will accomplish none of your goals and achieve none of your dreams. Don’t sacrifice all your potential for a little short-term ease.”

Alright tarot, message received!

Until next time ❤ & Blessings

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