News & Updates July 2015: Ch-ch-changes!

(Yeah, I know the Bowie reference is overused and incredibly obvious, but I couldn’t resist.)
Eight of Wands - Universal Rider Waite Tarot

Eight of Wands – Universal Rider Waite Tarot

πŸ™‚ Hello Tarot Friends,

I hopped on the blog today because I wanted to let you in on some updates and changes that are going to be happening around The Tarot Parlor over the next couple months. I felt that getting my intention out there would be a good way to keep myself accountable and to keep everyone in the loop.

To start, The Tarot Parlor is going to soon be moving to its own domain address: The site isn’t live yet, but I’m looking at a tentative launch date between September and October. I will definitely let everyone know exactly when I make the switch. The big question that I’m chewing on at the moment is whether to leave the WordPress platform. It would certainly be easier to stay with WordPress and just transfer in the new domain name, but I’m not sure they will be able to efficiently handle the other changes that I’m implementing…

…which brings me to…

READINGS! I will be offering tarot reading services at The Tarot Parlor beginning the same time that the domain address switches over, so September or October. I’ve spent the last couple months cooking up some really fun and interesting options to offer, so I’m excited to finally share those services with you all. I’m not sure that WordPress is the best platform for e-commerce, which is why I’m trying to figure out if I should go somewhere else. People are raving about SquareSpace right now, so I may give them a try.

Now on to something that will more immediately effect my web presence and is incredibly personal…

…I’m taking on a new name…

…Not for my tarot blog/business. I love the name “The Tarot Parlor” and that is here to stay, as far as I can anticipate anyway.

I’m actually changing MY name!

What it boils down to is that I’ve been living for a lot of years with a birth name that I don’t like and doesn’t feel like a good fit for me. I’ve tried to just deal with it, but the more time I spend online and the more interactions that I have, the more folks I meet and introduce myself to, the less authentic and representative I feel like my birth name is. I’ve not felt like I can really put myself out there as long as there is this false label that I have to operate under. I’ve finally decided that its becoming a major block, and a source of stress and distress in my life, so its gotta go.

I want to assure everyone, especially those individuals who have been following me since day one (here’s looking at you Ellen. πŸ™‚ ), that its still me, its the same person running the blog, doing the readings and sharing their insights, its just a more accurate label for me. Think of it as “I am re-branding myself.” πŸ™‚ From now on I’ll be posting as Cameron, or Cam…and I would love it if you would refer to me by either of those name…and like I said, its still me, just me being even more me.

Well that’s all for now. Thank you everyone for your attention and support. This announcement has been a big and scary decision, but overall I am really excited for all the growth and change that is coming in the next couple months and Its exciting to have you amazing tarot people to share it with.

Tarot on!

❀ Cameron

PS ~ If I know you in real life don’t worry, the next time I see you we can talk about how this whole new name thing will change our real-world interactions. No stress and I totally understand if it takes a little while to get used to. Heck, I’m still getting used to it. πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀ ❀

12 thoughts on “News & Updates July 2015: Ch-ch-changes!

  1. So very cool! I love that you are “re-branding” yourself, I think that is great! I’ve never liked my last name, especially more now with my marriage name. I would love to use my full name more, but I feel like it doesn’t suit me for sure! Can’t wait to see the changes with the website!! πŸ˜€


    • Thanks Beth. I’m excited too! πŸ™‚ Death and Judgement had been coming up regularly in my personal readings as I’ve been contemplating these changes, seems like a pretty solid endorsement…plus it felt right, which is most important. πŸ™‚


  2. WordPress doesn’t e-commerce well, you’re right. It works well for things that have set prices, such as “this spread is $10” because you can make paypal buttons for set prices. But it doesn’t work for anything that’s sliding scale (such as if you were to charge by the minute), or for a “donate here!” campaign.
    I’m sure that you knew that already, though.


    • That’s what I had heard. Thanks for confirming. My plan was static pricing, so PayPal buttons would work, but SquareSpace has fully integrated e-commerce, so plug and play, less screwing around with HTML codes. Also the sites I’ve seen are so stinking professional looking.


  3. Congrats on all this great news! Love the name change πŸ™‚ I use Paypal buttons on WordPress and it’s ok, but if I started all over I’d probably use a different site just to have more options and have everything be integrated into one site. Especially if you’re going to sell other things than tarot readings, like tarot bags or other accessories that Squarespace store would be so much better for. Good luck!


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