A Ramble About Rest, The Four of Swords & The Six of Pentacles

me1Hi Everyone,
I really wanted to write a post, since it’s been over a month, but I didn’t really know what to write about. So I’m going to start typing and we’ll see what happens.

PrintDecember has been such a blessing for me because it’s given me the opportunity to rest. November was insane busy and by the end I was definitely flirting with burnout. I did survive NaNoWriMo though, and my 50121 word novel is now safely tucked away to age like a fine wine…until I start editing it in a couple weeks or months that is. I also finished up the Fall Term at school successfully and good riddance, besides my Managerial Accounting class which was FANTASTIC, it was a pretty lousy term.

4 of Swords URWSI did a personal tarot reading for myself once November wrapped up and basically EVERY CARD was screaming at me to give myself a break and get some rest. Resting isn’t something I do well. I blame genetics and nurture. I come from a family entirely made up of Type-A personalities, also I’m a Leo and that fire energy won’t be denied. So I’ve had to figure out for myself how I can rest in a way that feels restorative to me. My version of rest often doesn’t look at all restful to other people, and that’s fine. The benchmark I use is whether or not what I’m doing is makes me feel more energized or more drained, and then I take it from there.

6 of PentaclesLearning to eliminate as much as I can from my life that falls into the “draining” category has been helpful. Also, choosing not to force myself to do things that I don’t want to do unless it’s important, has been very liberating. There are already things that I have to force myself to do; go to class, do laundry, cook meals, clean, etc, that are essential and it takes up a lot of energy just convincing myself to do them. Why would I want to waste that precious energy on doing non-essential things, like social activities that I feel obligated to attend, but don’t really want to go to, or spending hours on social media when it feels like something I am “suppose to do” instead of something that “I want to do.”

So for me, rest has been looking a lot more like the Six of Pentacles than the Four of Swords. Instead of a lot of literal rest, such as sleep or a lay down, it’s been more about conserving resources and being mindful about where I’m spending my energy, weighing each use of energy against it’s necessity and benefit.

100_0459The other great thing about December has been that without the obligation of school, I’ve had more time to read tarot and to reconnect with my passion for reading tarot. I really love slinging cards. I really love it. I started posting a Card of the Day here on the website because I wanted more opportunities to do readings and I’ve really been enjoying it. I also did a year read for a dear friend last week and it was so gratifying to work with them. I’ve since added the Plan Your 2016 Reading to my shop. I’m waiting to do my own personal year read until December 31, but I’m pretty excited. There are a lot of question marks for me for 2016, so I think a reading will be really helpful in terms of figuring out “where do I go from here?”

I’m going to wrap this up because it’s getting late, but it’s been great “talking” to you all and I hope you are doing well and navigating the holiday hullabaloo successfully, whatever that looks like for you.

Until next time,

PS ~ This is the part where my inner-critic is screaming “OMG, you can’t post this rambly piece of s#@$! No one will want to read it. Also, it’s SUPER un-professional”

Oh yeah? Well piss off inner-critic, I’m gonna hit “publish.” I’m gonna hit “publish” and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Score: Cameron 1, Inner-critic 0

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