Read For Yourself Like You are Your Own Client

tarot card reading

I’ve been spending a lot of time this week going through all my old computer files, organizing things, archiving things, resurrecting old writing projects that I had forgotten about.

In the midst of all this chaos I came across a reading that I did for myself a couple months ago. Usually I write my personal readings in my tarot journal, but this one I had typed it up in my reading template, like I do for client readings.

It was a lot of fun and a little surreal to go back over that reading, because I had very much approached it as if I was my own client. I wrote it in the third person and I included a picture of my cards and everything.

sample tarot reading

A snapshot of the reading I did for myself.

I think at the time my intention was to try out my template and create a “sample” reading, but what I realized is that by approaching my own reading in the same way as I approached those readings that I gave to others, I was able to provide myself with something that was particularly insightful.

One reason that the reading came off so well was that I was able to be more objective. I didn’t fall prey to my own agenda as much because using the third person gave me the distance I needed to get the messages I needed, not the ones my ego would have gotten attached to. It felt like I was giving the reading to someone else, someone I knew very well, but someone else all the same.

Also, as the person receiving the reading, I am was able to take the reading more seriously because I received it in the third person. I bypassed a lot of second guessing and self doubt because when I was reading back over it, it felt like I was receiving the messages from another reader, instead of myself.

My take-away, treating yourself as your own client (or as a friend or family member if you don’t read professionally) is valuable and really makes a noticeable difference in your ability to read for yourself. You are creating the space and setting the intention that allows for a greater depth of insight. You are putting yourself in a mindset that allows for more objectivity.

steampunk tarot card backs

Next, I think I’ll try giving myself readings out loud, perhaps in the third person as well. That would be pretty amusing I think. I can imagine someone coming home and thinking that I’ve lost my marbles, because I’m talking to myself, but oh well. 🙂

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