Tarot Card for Monday, March 28. 2016

The tarot card for Monday, March 28, 2016 is The Lovers.

Today that romantic feeling is beckoning. Something is resonating with your heart. Something is calling to it and it would be a good idea to listen. When I say romantic, it doesn’t necessarily mean relationship romantic or attraction-to-another-person romantic (though it could). Romantic can be a state of mind, or an activity, or an environment, something that elicits the ambience of romanticism. For me romantic means sitting around in my smoking jacket, sipping a Gin & Tonic, and writing some horribly self-indulgent gothic fiction. For you it might mean going for a picnic by a river, or wearing a particularly smart, well put together outfit, or rereading a favorite novel. However you choose to define romantic, you’ll know it when you encounter it, it pulls on the heart-strings in an unmistakable way.

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