Tarot Card for Saturday, April 2, 2016

The tarot card for Saturday, April 2, 2016 is the Ten of Swords.

The theme of loyalty comes up today in the Ten of Swords. What are you clinging onto because you feel a sense of duty to continue holding space for it, even though it is over, finished, gone? Loyalty is a virtue I hold in very high regard, but it can become unhealthy and destructive when misplaced or misapplied. Have you ever felt loyalty to a memory…that you think you must keep revisiting it, even though it means ripping open old wounds and causing you emotional harm? Have you ever continued to fixate something in your life because to let go and move on seems like it would be a betrayal? These are examples of ways that we use the concept of loyalty as a mechanism to stay stuck, or to refuse to release the past. It’s ok to let go of something once it’s gone. It doesn’t mean you need to forget and it doesn’t mean you are dishonoring the past, it just means you are moving forward with your life and that is a positive thing, even when it’s difficult, especially when it’s difficult.

PS ~ If you need to, find a way to honor your past in a healthy manner. Perform a ritual acknowledging the importance of what has been, but committing yourself to moving freely into the future. Create something to express why this thing is so important and so hard to release. Paint, draw, sculpt, dance, sing, write a poem or a story, journal about it. This type of mindful, intentional engagement will allow you to process and heal.

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4 thoughts on “Tarot Card for Saturday, April 2, 2016

  1. Hello! This is such a beautiful and empowering meaning you gave this card. And I really love your practical suggestion at the end of the reading. I am in a situation where is hard for me to let go and move on because of the loyalty and some of the responsibility I feel for the person, but the idea of an acknowledging ritual is amazing, especially because the creative artistic approaches you suggested appeal to me. Beautiful! Tank you!

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