Tarot Card for Monday, May 9, 2016

Hi All,
I missed my Touchstone Tarot too much, so I’ve switched back to that deck for my Card-of-the-Day for the rest of May (or until another deck begs my attention.) Enjoy! ❤ Cam

The tarot card for Monday, May 9, 2016 is the Seven of Cups.

This woman has taken the vision board concept to the next level. She has sewn her dreams into a tapestry which she can hang and thus be constantly reminded of what she’s working towards. She recommends that you create some visual representations of your dreams as well. The “out of sight, out of mind” adage tells us that without reminders we can easily lose track of our goals and our “why” and when this happens, wandering off course becomes much more likely. So find something that can serve as a visual reminder, a totem for what you are currently striving to achieve. You could make a piece of art or a vision board. Even finding an image, a miniature, or a talisman of some sort to represent your goal can help you stay focused on it. I like to set up spells on my altar with an image or a small figurine to represent my goal, a tarot card or two and some crystals. Whatever you decide to do, have fun and make it deeply personal.

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