About Cameron (About Me)

I have a lot of identities that I claim. I’m a tarot reader, a writer, a gender-fluid queer person, an entrepreneur, a student, an eccentric, a dandy, and a hermit, just to name a few.

My favorite activities are reading tarot, writing fiction, going on road trips, playing Super Mario World on SNES, hanging-out with my community, and ingesting ungodly amounts of coffee (me and the Nine of Cups are on the same page in this regard.).

As a tarot reader, I describe my style as “more pragmatic than woo-woo”, which is my way of saying that when I give a reading I don’t usually frame it in terms of typical spiritual or metaphysical concepts. It’s unlikely that you will hear me say anything about karma, past lives, or spirit-guides.

I interpret the cards in a very down-to-earth way with the intention of giving practical, actionable guidance that can be useful to anyone, whether or not they believe in a particular spiritual reality. I’m certainly not saying that there is anything wrong with being “woo-woo,” it’s just not the focus of my path.

My Tarot Origin Story

I came to tarot later in life than most of the folks I know. I was the product of a strict religious upbringing where any type of divination or magickal practice was considered evil or “of the Devil.” Because of this, I didn’t start working with cards until I reached my late 20’s.

My first deck was The Collective Tarot. A friend of mine had purchased a copy and I was fascinated with it. Once I had a deck there was no going back. The system resonated with me immediately and I started devouring everything I could about tarot.

I discovered along the way how useful and versatile tarot can be as a tool. Not only could I use it to get insight into present situations, but I could use it for planning, for prompting creativity, and for personal development.

It wasn’t long before I was offering free readings via e-mail and connecting with the online tarot community. I wanted to start sharing my tarot adventures with others and from that desire The Tarot Parlor was born.

the tarot parlor tarot website

About The Tarot Parlor

I launched The Tarot Parlor on Oct 31, 2020 as a humble tarot blog. I had been itching to share my tarot adventures and Samhain seemed like an auspicious day on which to get started. I chose the name The Tarot Parlor because I love the idea of the old fashioned parlors and drawing rooms of the 18th & 19th century. It’s easy to imagine people like Mlle Lenormand and her contemporaries doing readings in these spaces. Also, a parlor just sounds fancy as hell and the dandy in me loves fancy.

About a year or so in, it became obvious to me that The Tarot Parlor was outgrowing its blogging-britches. Perhaps it’s my entrepreneurial spirit, but expanding The Tarot Parlor into a full-functioning tarot website, with its own URL and tarot service offerings, seemed like the natural way to grow. I had a year of business education under my belt already and a passion for that side of things. I had been honing my reading skills and getting consistently positive feedback about my readings from friends and strangers alike. It was time to take The Fool-like leap and the result is the site you see now.