Death is Hard, Don’t Water it Down

Death URWS

Rider Waite Smith Tarot

The Death card is one of the most concerning cards in the tarot deck for a lot of people, especially folks unfamiliar with its many non-mortal interpretations. Because of this there has been a trend of late that involves softening the Death card’s meaning and some new decks have altered the art and the title to make it less threatening. While I understand the importance of not scaring one’s self or one’s client, or causing unnecessary fear or paranoia, I feel like this watering down of the Death card is doing a disservice to readers and clients alike. Yes, rebirth follows death. Yes, it is important to remember that new beginnings follow endings, but it’s equally important not to bypass that ending by only focusing on the positive.


The Good Tarot

When the Death card shows up, it’s saying that things aren’t going to be the same afterwards. It’s saying that something is over or irrevocably altered, and that it is likely going to be difficult, even painful to accept and move forward. I believe that it’s important to spend time to process the challenging emotions that come up in these types of circumstances. You have to go through the experience of the Death card before you can get to the rebirth and the new beginning. The jump to find a “positive spin” on the Death card means that we aren’t spending time acknowledging and processing the challenges and the hurt of what is occurring; we aren’t making our way through “Death” to get to the rebirth, we’re trying to skip the hard part, we’re trying to bypass the work. I believe that we need to make space to honor our feelings and the feelings of our clients when the Death card appears, or else those feelings can go unacknowledged and unresolved. We all need to get more comfortable with discomfort and difficult emotions so that we can become more emotionally intelligent, emotionally healthy people.

Back in Action!


Hi All! It’s me, Cameron!

Thank you for your patience while I’ve been on vacation. The break was great, absolutely necessary, but I’ve missed slinging cards, so it’s good to be back in the saddle…

…you see what I did there? Knight of Wands? Saddle? Huh? Huh? Ok…moving on. 😉

I’ve relocated my shop back to Etsy because I realized I’m too impatient to hassle with the coding for PayPal buttons, plus they take FOREVER to release funds. 😛 Anyway, right now my Full-Length Custom Reading is on sale, so if you’ve been on the fence about getting a reading, now is the perfect time to order.

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I’m eager to get back to blogging, but I don’t have a topic that’s calling to me at the moment, so if there is something that you particularly would like me to write about, please leave a comment and let me know.

I’d love to hear what you all have been up to over the last couple months. I’ve moved house and started my Bachelor’s program at Portland State and so far it’s fantastic.

Until next time, Cameron out!


Going on Vacation

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Hello All,

The term is wrapping up next week and after that I’m going on vacation for the Summer. I’ve decided that vacation will be a break from blogging and social media as well. I don’t know when or if I will resume. I’m starting my Bachelor’s degree in the Fall and I have a sense that my priorities will be shifting quite a bit. I’m not certain the role tarot will have in my life moving forward. What I do know is that I need to walk away for now.

Wishing you a beautiful Summer,