The High Priestess – Own Your Spiritual Autonomy

Legacy of the divine tarot priestess

The High Priestess – The Legacy of the Divine Tarot – by Ciro Marchetti

Growing up, it always blew my mind that the religion which I was raised in required an intervening individual to facilitate my relationship with deity. I even had to go through someone else if I wanted to receive forgiveness for my so-called “sins.” This made absolutely no sense to my teenage-self, none whatsoever. Why couldn’t I go straight to the source? What made these clergymen so much better than me that I needed them to intervene on my behalf? Was I really that horrible of a person? Obviously I was way too free-thinking for that religious paradigm, so I bounced, as soon as I had the legal agency to do so.

The High Priestess does away with this notion that one needs any type of intervening spiritual leader to commune with the divine or walk a spiritual path. The High Priestess says “you are your own priest or priestess.” You are your own conduit, your own gateway to the divine, no middle-man required. Mentors and teacher are great and you can learn a lot from the wisdom they’ve gained from their personal experiences, that’s why we have The Hierophant card in tarot, to honor the value of those individuals, but you don’t need them, and their guidance/wisdom/opinion shouldn’t trump your own spiritual integrity.

The High Priestess - The Morgan Greer Tarot

The High Priestess – The Morgan Greer Tarot