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All my reading options are designed to provide you with encouragement and actionable guidance. Scroll through to see which reading looks like the right one for you.

(Please review my Terms & Policies before purchasing a reading. By purchasing a reading you affirm that you agree to these terms and policies.)

Quick Advice Reading

If you just need some prompt, straightforward guidance about a specific situation, the Quick Advice Reading is exactly what you are looking for. Clear cut and to the point, this reading option is as concise as it gets. Your reading will consist of a minimum 350 power packed words to help you navigate your current situation. PDF delivered ultra fast within 2 business days. $18
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Full-Length Custom Reading

This option is the bread and butter of my tarot practice. I work with you to create a custom reading specifically designed to address the facets of your situation that you want to look at. Examine a fresh perspective. Explore action steps you can take. Get some tools to help you navigate your situation with more ease. When you purchase this option you can expect a minimum of 800 words of actionable guidance, tailored to give you the information you most want and need. PDF delivered within 5 business days. $32
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Combined System Cartomancy Reading

Tarot and Lenormand and Oracle Cards, oh my! This option gives you the opportunity to get a reading which uses all three systems at once. Each deck will target a specific part of your question, based on the strengths of that particular divination tool and on your question. This is a great way to get multiple perspectives and many layers of information. Also, its pretty dang cool. When you purchase this option you can expect a PDF of no less than 1200 words delivered to you within 5 business day. $45
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Don’t see anything that is quite what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact me and I can design an option specifically for you.


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