Court Cards Exercise – Whose Shoulder Would You Cry On?

The Court Cards *sigh* They seem to be tricky for  most people to get a handle on. That seemingly universal frustration in mind, I had this idea for an exercise which you can do to get to know the court card personalities a little better.

So here is the exercise in a nutshell…Imagine what you would enjoy doing with each court card or what you would go to each of court card for.

For example…if you needed a shoulder to cry on, who would you go to?

Queen of CupsI would go to the Queen of Cups, she is a nurturing person who understands the complexities of emotion and the value of expressing one’s emotions. She would let me ball my eyes out with no judgement and probably say “there, there” and stroke my hair and make me safe while I’m being vulnerable. If I tried going to the Queen of Wands she would probably tell me to stop blubbering and go do something about what was bothering me…perhaps helpful advice in its own right, but not what I would personally need in that moment. But maybe you would prefer or need some tough love, so you might go to the Queen of Wands or the Queen of Swords instead.

King of SwordsOn the other hand if I was having trouble at school I might go to the King of Swords to get counsel. He is sharp, intellectual and good at explaining things. He would have the skills to break down the intellectual concepts I needed to master and make them easy to understand. He could also help me set up a productive study schedule. If I went to the Knight of Swords instead, he would tell me I didn’t need a study schedule and that I should just wing it. Geez dude, not so helpful.

So bust out the tarot journal and figure out who you would talk to about career concerns? What do you think their advice would be?

Who would you go to if you wanted to foster your creativity? What kind of encouragement do you think they would extend to you?

Which court card would be your best friend and why?

Which court card would you most want to take on a road trip with you? What type of road trip music would they pick?

Who would be your workout partner?

Which court card would you like to be your mentor? What wisdom would they impart to you? Which of their attributes would you like to emulate?

Maybe you could consider which Page you would feel most comfortable with baby-sitting your kids.

Which court cards would form a band? What genre would it be? What would they name their band?

This is just a list of prompts to get you started, so feel free to come up with some of your own ideas. Have fun!