What Kind of Advice are You Looking For?

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Hello Tarot Folks,

Advice is one of the primary reasons that I go to the tarot and I’m confident that I’m not alone in that. Usually any spread I use will have an advice position, because I don’t just want information about the situation, I want some actionable steps that will help me move towards my goal, or towards resolving the situation.

I was thinking about this idea of having an “advice” position in a tarot spread or asking the tarot “what advice do you have for me?” and I got to pondering…”when I simply ask for advice, what exactly am I asking for and what exactly am I getting?”

When you just ask for advice with no specific caveats about your end goal, I believe that the tarot can still do its work and that you will get guidance that will broadly be in the best interest of your highest good, which is fantastic, but some days, at least for me, I feel like I need to be more specific.

Recently I have been needing to focus on creating more emotional satisfaction in my life, so I’ve been asking the tarot for advice that will help me to resolve situations in the most emotionally satisfying way. In my daily draws (which I have recently started doing again.) I’ve been pulling a card for advice on how to best navigate my day with the explicit intention that by “best” I mean “most emotionally satisfying.” I feel that by being more specific, I’m able to get the exact advice I need for the outcome I desire. Granted, it doesn’t always mean I get the outcome I desire, but it gives me the best chance possible.

Let me see if I can explain better. When I, or anyone, is faced with a situation which requires advice there is an issue of “advice for what outcome?” If you ask for the advice which will result in an outcome with the most personal satisfaction you may get different guidance than if you ask for advice to facilitate the outcome that will have the most positive financial impact, similarly if you are looking for advice on how to resolve a situation as quickly as possible you’ll get different guidance than if you asked for advice on how to resolve a situation with the least amount of stress possible. Does that make sense?

So the next time you pull a card for advice or use an advice position in your spread, you might consider what type of advice you are looking for and what aspect of an outcome is most important to you. Do you want advice that will lead to the most productivity, the most personal growth, the least conflict? There is usually more than one way to resolve a situation, so knowing the way that will get you closest to the result you desire can be particularly helpful. Also, I don’t think it ever hurts to be more specific, at least not in my experience.

Until next time,

Keep Calm and Tarot On!