Reading a Single Card

How much information can you get from a single card tarot reading? I’ve come across some incredibly detailed readings online where only one card was used. Recently I’ve been very drawn to the idea of trying it for myself. I’ve definitely done single card readings before, you can see some of them on this blog, but I really want to focus on seeing how much depth I can get from a single card, not just describing it, but to actually answer a query. I decided to do a one card reading for myself to try it out.

A little background on the question: I am currently trying to expand a hobby of mine (not tarot related) into a small business, or at least into something that would make a little extra money. I have currently taken steps to move that venture forward and I asked the tarot “What do I need to know about the current trajectory of this project?” I used the Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore & Aly Fell…

…and I got THE TOWER!!…

Steampunk Tarot The Tower

…Oh goddess!…

Well, as much as I wanted to re-draw, or tell myself I picked the card too quickly, or that I was distracted and picked the wrong card, I stuck with it. One of the most important things I have discovered in reading tarot is that you must stick with the cards drawn and trust that you received them for a reason. If you don’t, you will be second and third guessing yourself forever and experiencing self doubt and anxiety that is unnecessary and in no way helpful.

So, I sat down and looked long and hard at that card and tried to stay as objective as possible. I tried to consider what I would say to a client who may receive the same card.

I wrote down the following bullet points and keywords to get me started:

  • sudden change
  • the unexpected
  • be prepared
  • major arcana (major force)
  • breaking down
  • stripping away
  • intense energy
  • experimentation (I got this particular keyword from looking at the art and Barbara Moore’s description of the card. It almost appears like there is a mad scientist inside the tree structure and his experiments are causing sparks to fly everywhere.)

One thing I noticed about this card, which is different than a lot of other decks, is that the fire or lightening seems to be coming from within the structure, rather than from the sky. Also, there are no figures falling from the tower in this card, as opposed to most decks. Here is a picture of Pamela Smith’s art from the Waite deck as a comparison:


I figured it was worth noting the differences, since they seemed to give the card a different energy.

So, once I had a bit of framework, I started with the actual interpretation…

“You will experience some unexpected challenges as you continue with this endeavor. It doesn’t appear that there will be a lot you can do to avoid these bumps in the road, but you can learn a lot from them. These sudden setbacks have the potential to create a great deal of energy and motivation which may be used as a catalyst to move you further along the road to success than you would be able to do otherwise. The important thing is knowing how to direct that energy. During this time things will be moving rather quickly, try to flow with the pace. This is also an excellent time for experimentation. Creative solutions and unconventional approaches may bring criticism, but will ultimately result in a more compelling, authentic and fulfilling experience for you and your clients, so trust in your own unique vision, even as you are riding out the storm. When a problem arises it will show you what isn’t working, and from there you can formulate a new course of action. You have a strong foundation, so even if things go badly you will have a base from which to rebuild. The concept is solid, its just the delivery system that may need to be refined or revamped. A good thing to focus on right now is what works and what doesn’t and why. It also may be worth considering ways you can simplify and streamline your project. Get down to the essence of what it is you are trying to do. Having this focus will make it easier to channel the energy that is coming and to achieve the result you want.”

Overall I felt like I got a good amount of information from this card. Part of me wanted to keep digging and try to get more, but once the information stops flowing freely and I start feeling like I have to “think too hard”, I believe its an indication that there is nothing more that I need to know. Regardless, I felt like it was a very helpful exercise and it certainly has given me things to ponder as I continue with growing my project.

Blessed Weekend