Why Get a Tarot Reading?

To quote myself…

“What I love about tarot is its ability to bring clarity to confusion and to guide and affirm our paths and choices. I don’t believe that tarot holds all the answers. I don’t believe that tarot can or should tell us what to do. Rather, I believe it is a powerful tool that helps us find the answers for ourselves and assists us in seeing things from a fresh perspective.”

I believe that statement nicely sums up how and why I use tarot. Often life gets overwhelming. Often life gets complicated. Tarot is a tool that assists us in clearing away confusion, distraction, extraneous elements, and shows us the heart of what is really going on.

Because a tarot reading distills a situation down to its most important components, it can help with decision making. It can reveal blind spots or things that might not have been considered before. A reading creates an environment where other perspectives or options can be explored.

When I give a tarot reading, my intention is to always leave my client feeling like they understand all the facets of their situation more clearly. I want them to feel better equipped to deal with whatever is challenging them in their lives.